For property owners

Unlock your deposit, today

Access up to $250,000 of deposit that’s locked away to put towards a new property or to cover the other associated costs of moving; from storage, short-term accommodation and more. Same-day response with funds in 24 hours from approval.

How we can help
New purchases
Have your eye on a property and need to act fast? We can help you get access to funds to put towards a deposit by getting access to yours, today.
Temporary accommodation
Cover the cost of temporary accommodation as you move to your next chapter, without the need to wait until your own property settles.
Storage & removals
I love moving! Said no one, ever. Getting everything packed up and moved to the next location is stressful. Don’t worry about the upfront funds, we can help there too.
"Thank you. I am now able to complete a couple of urgent renovations to help with my house sale. I highly recommend you to anyone who is hesitant to sell due to marketing or renovation costs. The process is easy, fast and the help is exceptional."
Steve from Brisbane, QLD
Here's why happy sellers work with us
No upfront costs
Access up to $60,000 to get your property ready & $250,000 to unlock your deposit, nothing to pay upfront
Flexible repayment terms
Get up to 18 months to get your property ship-shape, sold and settled, so you can focus on what's next
Funds within 24 hrs
Get your funds within 24 hours from approval to get your sale moving and your property standing out
Licensed & accredited
We're a fully regulated lender and obsessed with delivering a great customer experience
Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3
No upfront costs & flexible repayment terms
Apply online in minutes
Let us know some simple details about your property, who you are and what you’re looking to achieve
Funds paid in 24 hours
Same-day response & once your application has been approved, funds will be transferred within 24 hours
Nothing to pay upfront
Repay at either the term of your loan or settlement (whichever comes first) with nothing to pay upfront
And why we get to work with the best in Australia’s property industry
Looking for other helpful solutions for your property?
Fund the costs that come with selling
Access finance options to cover your sale expenses
Solutions for tidy up, renovations and preparation
Get up to $60k in 24 hours from approval
Find the right people to get your sale sorted
We’ll sort through the crowd to find you the right agent
Get your paperwork sorted with a conveyancer
Arrange building and pest inspections, storage & more
For property investors looking to unlock their cashflow
Access up to $15,000 spread over 8 months
Cover short-term unexpected expenses
Improve rental return and asset value