How to move and connect your utilities at your new property with ease
April 26, 2023

Whether you’re moving home or just picking up some new living room or bedroom furniture, there are different options you should consider before you start breaking your back to move things. A removalist company is the safest and smartest option to choose and is much more beneficial than hiring a small van or Ute and doing numerous trips from your old home to your new one.

Although you may save some money by just hiring a van, booking a removalist company is always a worthwhile expense. Here are some of the main reasons why you should always book a furniture removal company, especially when you’re moving bulky or heavy pieces of furniture:

  • Experience
    Removalists specialise in navigating around corners, down staircases, and small areas where you probably don’t think your bed frame can fit. Carrying pieces of furniture isn’t always easy and it’s likely you will need the help of an expert team to prevent any damage from being caused to your walls or ceiling. Ultimately, they will make the whole job seem much easier than it really is.

  • Lifting furniture is a skill that the ordinary person doesn’t have
    So many people injure themselves by lifting heavy pieces of furniture and lifting things incorrectly can result in you waking up with a backache or an even worse injury. Of course, if some pieces are really heavy, you might not even be able to lift them at all. Simply booking a furniture removal company to help you move your furniture can prevent any problems in this regard.

  • The process is much faster
    When you hire a van and decide to move pieces of furniture yourself, it is likely that it will take you a fair amount of time to complete the job, especially if you have lots of different pieces spread across the house that need to be moved. Instead of having to hiring a van for the whole day, you can just book a furniture removal company for a few hours.

Moving is already a big enough job as it is, that you probably have forgotten about connecting your utilities and services to your new home. The process of disconnecting, reconnecting, and transferring your utilities can sound gruelling and complicated. We’ve broken down the steps to make sure you’ve thought of everything and won’t leave anything behind. Here is what you need:

  • Energy
    Give lots of notice, meter access, disconnection & reconnection fees, provider switch, exit fees and connecting gas (If need be)
  • Your internet and phone
    Check your new address’s connection, check your contract and your NBN.
  • Water
    Get a reading! If you’re renting or buying a new home, you should make sure you get an initial water meter reading to make sure you only pay for the water you use. Unlike other utilities, water is always connected and doesn’t need to be turned on and off when you move.
  • Pay-TV
    Check for service – When moving house, all you’ll usually need to do is make sure that you can still get your pay-TV service at your new address. If you can, all you need to do is hook up your set-top box in the new place, notify your provider and away you go. If you can’t get service for whatever reason, your pay-TV provider will likely let you cancel the service for no fee, even if you’re on a contract.

Avoid the stress of moving today and let us help you with easy removalist solutions. We’re here to help you from start to finish, this includes help with the pesky tasks such as packing and putting your things into storage. Best of all, we have finance options for all our services, meaning you can pay a one-off flat fee, or you can settle your balance later.

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